Crowdsourced protocols for science!

Crowdsourced protocols for science!

This is interestingly timed. We were recently talking about how we should keep a running tab of all the minor innovations that could make our lives easier at the bench or in managing multiple projects and learning how to balance benchwork with reading, analyzing, and learning. 

This company built bench tools — a free suite of lab utility apps that i’ll try out and report back on. 

Currently they’re running a kickstarter campaign to fund the crowd-sourcing portion of their protocol app–an effort to standardize and share updates or corrections to protocols. If properly executed I can see this saving loads of time and increasing for experiments reproducibility across labs. Could also increase discussions about which published protocols ACTUALLY work as advertised in their publication. Could result in an added level of scientist community oversight, in a positive and productive way. 

Click here to read one of the founder’s farewell to his academic post, and here to read his “hello, world of startups” kickstarter plea. 

Now, can someone please tackle the issue of a one-stop-shop digital lab notebook?!

I’m currently using a messy mix of apps including papers2, excel, various folders o.O, dropbox, notebook (circus ponies), and dayONE (a journaling app). I want to be able to keep track of what i’ve done on a daily basis, host protocols and papers, as well as notes on various subjects, and track experiments by type rather than chronology. I’d also like to easily synch figures or figure drafts into my notebook, and be able to easily link to larger data. And I want to be able to do all this without updating 5 separate things constantly.