Why women still can(‘t) have it all ?!!!

We are back from break.

We decided to reread Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” published in the Atlantic in the summer of 2012.  One of her arguments is that the difference between the maternal and paternal bond is the reason that a woman is more likely than a man to sacrifice career for family.

It is often claimed that “biology” is the reason for the difference between the maternal and paternal bond.  This is only a hypothesis and we don’t see how it can ever be proven.  This is because we cannot separate nature from nurture.

Many factors could be considered as parents decide how to balance their career and family responsibilities.  They might consider career flexibility, career trajectory, and income as well as the preferences of the individuals.  We believe that the construction of gender in our society affects all of these variables and we that this construction is manmade.



[insert title that someone wants and is completely inappropriate]

We are sitting around our breakfast table, drinking warm apple cider and de-stressing with a very intense conversation:

1. Can you be a feminist if you are economically dependent on a man?

2. What if we had artificial wombs? Would it make the world more feminist? Is there something wrong with wanting men and women to be more equal with respect to child-bearing (perhaps somewhat literally)?

3. How do you separate biology from society? Paternal instincts, maternal instincts…how real are these things in modern society?

4. Isn’t it weird that women can’t go shirtless and men can [yes, we know it is weird, but why???]?

5. Do women on average need more positive feedback than men? Is this something to feel ashamed of or need to fix?

6. Would anyone watch Big Bang Theory if Penny was actually a “dumb blonde” male and the lead scientists were all <badass> nerdy women? Why not? [actually, we could totally pull this off….just need to find a dumb blonde male – please post applications 🙂 ]