We are four students in biology and engineering graduate programs at Harvard and MIT. We live together and thus share the joys and sorrows that accompany life as a graduate student. Our lives are dominated by the demands of academic pursuit and we’d like to share with you a snippet of our breakfast and dinner table conversations, ranging from the science we find interesting and the policy issues that occupy us to the social oddities that otherwise crop up along our paths to PhDs.

This blog will feature four distinct voices with different interests, opinions, and styles. While occasionally we’ll post as a collective, I presume our updates will mostly be individually styled and sometimes in response to each other or offering differing perspectives on the same issue.

Below, we introduce ourselves:

– A:

I majored in cell/molecular biology in undergrad and am currently interested in RNA biology, particularly the molecular mechanisms of long noncoding RNAs, and bioinformatic analysis of big datasets such as RNA-seq time courses.

believe scientists have a duty to the public to effectively communicate their ideas to all interested parties whether from distant fields of science or high school freshman with curious minds. I think data and concept visualization and effective writing are vital to scientific training, and I hope to use this blog to flex my “science-for-all-audiences” muscles. 

– E:

– I:

– L:


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